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IT backup services

Client Testimonials

Possibly the best feature of OnIT's service has been the off-site backup facility. The backup is not only for peace of mind but also we are legally bound to keep certain documents and this service makes that responsibility easy.

Bryan Wright, Yellow Yoyo

Looking for a simple, reliable, yet cost effective way to backup your business data? OnIT offers an effective and secure IT backup service. All your critical data is backed up daily, this can be at an agreed pre-determined time, or via a simple prompt – the system is unobtrusive and won’t affect you as you continue working.

Once the backup is complete the data is compressed and sent, via the internet, in an encrypted state to a UK based data centre. Each day you’ll receive an email to confirm the backup was successful. Should you experience PC failure then the data can be restored to your computer once it’s back up and running.

In addition, the archiving function provides you with previous versions of documents so if you were to delete a document by mistake, or it has become corrupted, you would be able to restore it. There is an easy way to access all your backed up files and it’s simple to do. One call to the OnIT support team and your contact will talk you through the process.

Try OnIT’s IT backup service FREE for 30 days! The system can be up and running in the time it takes to make a phone call. You’ll benefit from a full backup service for 30 days completely free. Call 01494 781040 today.

Further details about the comprehensive ServerRescue package.

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